Christmas Blessings

Life has been absolutely chaotic since my last blog post: we scheduled Charlie’s scoliosis surgery, I am a victim in a stalking case and have to testify in court next month, I took Charlie on a 4hr drive for no reason because I had the wrong location for his doctor’s appointment, we have had lots … More Christmas Blessings

Positive Vibes Only

I always thought the phrase Positive Vibes Only is so cheesy and cliche, but I have to say it speaks to me right now. Managing a full-time job, Charlie’s so-called virtual learning, his medical appointments, and continuing to fight an uphill battle to get Charlie an education – I don’t have the mental capacity to … More Positive Vibes Only

Happy End to Summer

We have so many updates to share so let’s begin with the good news: after 100+ days of diarrhea for Charlie, it stopped within a couple of days of starting antibiotics! He has been diarrhea-free for almost six weeks!!! That indicates thst Charlie likely suffered/suffers from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). It makes sense in … More Happy End to Summer

Diarrhea – Day 95

That’s right… Charlie is still battling daily diarrhea.  We are on day 95 (but who’s counting) give or take one or two lucky days. I’ll provide background before explaining where we are now. Jan. 18 – diarrhea began Jan. 24 – fever, cough, illness began Jan. 27 – admitted at CHW because Charlie was really … More Diarrhea – Day 95


I had always wanted to try yoga, but never got around to it. My friend Kari Helms invited me to a yoga class two years ago. She told me that it’s pretty low key and fine if you’re a beginner. I met Kari shortly after moving to Green Bay because her daughter is the same age as … More Defeated

Therapy Changes

The most exciting thing we’ve experienced since our last blog is having Bo (or BoBo as we call him) visit for a long weekend. Bo is oh so sweet and Charlie loved having him. Bo was 3.5 months old when he came to visit so he was not fully potty trained and he had been … More Therapy Changes