I see you Mama

I’ve been struggling emotionally for the last couple of months. I used to think being a stay at home mom would be amazing . Tough? Yes. But still amazing. Admittedly, in many aspects, it is. And for the record I count my blessings daily that I have this option. My biggest complaint is that I … More I see you Mama

More Eye Surgery

We have spent the last couple of months trying to schedule Charlie’s cataract surgery. For months, Charlie’s ophthalmologist in Green Bay has been saying that Charlie needs cataract surgery in his right eye. Once we felt the pressure in his eye was stable (from glaucoma), the ophthalmologist referred us to Milwaukee for surgery. We were … More More Eye Surgery

Thyroid and Heart

We have taken on some new medical challenges, one of which has doctors shaking their heads once again. Charlie was born in March 2015 with an extra thumb and a large birthmark on the right side of his body. Looking back, I guess it’s fair to say that his skin was our first so-called problem … More Thyroid and Heart

Unhealthy Right Eye

Charlie’s right eye has been an ongoing battle, one that we unfortunately seem to be losing. Of all of his challenges, I’ve cried the most over news about his eyes. I think that is because i wasn’t prepared for bad news. Jan ‘16 – I learned he was extremely nearsighted and has glaucoma in his … More Unhealthy Right Eye

Trying SO Hard

No news is good news, right? Well, that's the reason for my lack of blogging. I don't have much new news to share about Charlie other than he has been trying SO hard at therapy lately. He goes to therapy four days a week: speech on Monday, physical therapy on land on Tuesday, occupational therapy … More Trying SO Hard